Monday, March 31, 2014

Can't Stop loving CNBLUE!

Assalamualaikum semua.. 

hahaha.. marilah aku update sikit belog aku ni.. kesian dia.. janji nak rajin konon.. takle pakai betol! hahaha

well pada tanggal 24/2/2014 aritu.. my favourite band CNBLUE officially made their comeback in Korea with the 5th mini album Can't Stop! dan sebagai fan aku pon harusla membeli album dorang.. hahaha

this album is the second album that the whole track is composed and written by themselves..(heh how talented they can be?) the album consists of Can't Stop as the title track, Diamond Girl, Cold Love, Sleepless Night, Love Is and Like A Child.. beware banyak lagu sedih dalam ni.. aigoo yongyongie oppa are you that frustrated? huhu

as usual.. thanks Valoa! mmuah!

this time the poster is included in the long, sturdy box.. not in separate poster tube like past orders.


got yongyong again.. haha.. jjong ah where are you? hehe

lagu favourite aku dalam ni? suma aku suka.. haha.. paling suka Diamond Girl ngan Dokhan Sarang (Cold Love).. best gilaaa... and please bear in mind.. album ni dapat banyak positive reviews not only in Korea but also Billboard and Europe music sites.. haha.. really proud of you guys..

for CNBLUE.. may all the best things happen to you guys.. you guys are awesome.. even we don't win as much on music shows.. we, BOICE know that you guys are more talented than the rest.. only we know and we hope that someday the whole world recognize your talent like we did since your debut.. and it all back from when you are street performing in Japan..

we #CantStop loving #CNBLUE!

p/s : like a child.. just like heaven~ 

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