Tuesday, September 3, 2013

when the BLUE MOON appears.. CNBLUE descends!


credit : KimchiCrew Malaysia

hai3 all.. it's been ages since I last updated.. ngehehe.. while I'm still in the mood (happy of course) I wanna share my first experience attending a concert! weheee!! remember that last time I've been telling you guys about attending CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Live in Malaysia? it's AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

naahh.. berhabuk speaking london penat pulak kan.. haha.. okla mari aku story.. the concert happened on Saturday, 24th Aug 2013 at Stadium Negara.. awal2 pukul 7.00 pagi, aku, cik Maslina and Cik Shada da terpacak kat bus stop Batu 8 nak bertolak katenye.. so dari sana kitowang stop kat Klang and naik KTM.. pastu kat KL Sentral tukar monorel pastu sesat.. hahaha.. bukan ape ade orang tu ingat stadium negara tu stadium nasional bukit jalil.. hahaha.. naseb baik belom jauh lagi bole grab cab terus sampai pintu stadium negara.. hehe

sampai sana mule la 3 pasang mata ni rambang2 jadinye tengok orang jual2 merchandise kat area stadium.. hehe.. last2 sume grab tshirt blue moon and cik mas beli paperbag kot.. aku da naik gila tengok poster jonghyun sebenarnye.. (that burning gaze...) tapi tahan jela sebab nanti bajet lari pulak kan.. haha

sampai atas beratur kat tempat MYCNBLUE tengah open cafe.. cafe ni collaboration 4 CNBLUE biases CNBYonghwaCNBJonghyun,CNBMinhyuk and CNBShin.. diorang buat giveaway.. hehe.. pastu bermacam2 postcard, calendar blablabla yang aku dapat.. hehe

then, da recharge makan kfc hasil memilih untuk setia ngan jonghyun bermulala episod penantian.. 6 jam menanti pagar bukak tau.. peluh jangan cakap.. hahaha.. then tepat 6.30 pm camtu we all has been permitted to enter the stadium.. pehh lega kat luar berasak2 ramai orang mahu pengsan aku dibuatnye..

there's a lot of ahjumma fans you know? hehe
masuk2 stadium benda pertama aku buat aku campak beg aku kat tepi moonzone pastu duduk berlunjur.. huhh.. lega.. haha

and while waiting......

official BLUE MOON lightstick
showing off! haha
then at 7.45p.m the moonzoners were covered with the big cloth written "CNBLUE WE ARE HERE"a special project by Malaysian Boice..

credit : kpopstarz

and.. there's an opening act.. I don't really know but at first it was awesome.. mixing beatboxing with electric guitars and cello (if I'm not mistaken) but when it enters the 3rd song.. the moment the beatboxer said "Ok for the next song.. " you know what.. the whole stadium.. yes the WHOLE STADIUM (including me of course.. haha) went "ALAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" we were whining because we want CNBLUE to take the stage already.. haha.. lol I feel a bit bad for the beatboxer though.. lucky he beatboxed to the song Hey You.. the crowd once again hyped to it.. keke

finally the moment we were waiting finally arrived.. the concert started with Where You Are, Get Away and One Time.. I don't know how to describe my feelings at that moment when I see the 4 boys on stage.. I was screaming like hell.. energetic songs, performers and crowd.. so overwhelming.. 

after those 3 songs, the guys introduced themselves in Malay! waahh.. clap2! and mind you.. they are not just saying typical Apa Khabar (how are you as in English), Jungshin and Yonghwa even asked us "Rindu kami?" (Do you miss us?).. when we screamed yes.. Yonghwa replied "Kami pun rindu kamu" (We miss you too).. aahhh.. rasa macam nak naik atas pentas peluk diorang 4 orang ketat2.. here's the video.. credit to joshuaongys

then the concert went on with Naran Namja, Coffee Shop, Have A Good Night and Wake Up.. heck they were performing the songs non stop! jinjja daebak! and the crowd even jumped and we were screaming our lungs out.. in between they walk around the moon ring yonghwa being energetic he is, dancing his err.. dorky dance move.. while minhyuk beating the drums powerfully, jungshin playing bass with his sweet smile and jonghyun with his awesome guitar solos..

the moment I'll never forget is when the ballad songs segment.. starting with Love Light we all raised  our pink hearts given by MYCNBLUE Admins.. although it was controversial at the start with a few of concert go-ers opposing the use of pink (because they thought it resembles YongSeo I think).. the admins even changed the plan last minute to colourful ocean but from what I saw that night.. no colourful ocean was created instead.. it's the pink heart that everyone was raising.. gosh.. the moment is soooo romantic.. like we've been in a deep love with them.. (haha delusional me)

credits to carolyntay

ballad songs segment : Love Light, Feelings, These Days and Y,Why.. 

ngahaha.. actually ada satu insiden kelakar masa lagu sarangbit tu.. well you know we have to sing along to that song as a fan project.. but really because I memorized the whole song including the rap part, I even rap to it with all my heart.. and while I was too immersed in my rapping the girl standing beside me looked at me in disbelief.. haha.. sebenarnya yang patut kena stare camtu budak tu la.. tengok konsert macam pegi dengar ceramah je.. bole pulak berdiri tegak je.. sorak tidak lightstick pon takde kat tangan die.. pelik.. 

after the ballad segment.. we moved on to DSM segment.. Dark, Sexy, Metal songs consists of LaLaLa, Just Please, Tattoo and In My Head.. at this time I don't even know how much I was sweating.. lol.. I just don't care anymore.. I was headbanging to the rhythm and enjoying the performance to the max! hahaha..

next we have their three title songs.. Intuition, I'm A Loner and I'm Sorry before they were going for a 5minutes break.. (haha I can't forget how yonghwa dance to these songs XD) when they headed in for a short break, I was like.. it is encore already? I can't get enough of them..

ahh.. minhyukie.. mianhae.. noona tak dapat ambil gambar kamu cantik2.. huhu *guilty

after the break, the boys once again heat up the stage with Hey You and Feel Good.. it's the first time Feel Good being performed and we are so honoured! hehe.. I saw a lot of Boices jumping and dancing to the song.. ngahaha.. me too!

next, they sang Love Girl, You've Fallen For Me, LOVE and lastly Try Again, Smile Again.. before they sing LOVE, Yonghwa even made the crowd create a wave.. Jonghyun on the other side sat on the stage with an amazed look in his eyes.. maybe he was amazed by us? ehee.. the leader keeps encouraging the us to scream and even teased us by asking us to follow what he was chanting.. haha.. seeing we done pretty good he asked us to follow his beatboxing! heyyy.. how can we do that? such a playful man.. hehe.. click here for the link..

when it came to the last song.. realization hit me.. this fun night is going to end soon.. like knowing what's in our hearts.. Jungshin and Yonghwa promised us to come back here again and that words were welcomed with a high decibel scream from the audiences.. as a thank you token.. we raised a banner saying "Thank you for keeping your words".. it is a part of fan project too.. and I saw with my own eyes.. yonghwa gave a thumb up after he read the banner.. we were so touched.. really..

I almost tear up when the place was filled with white confetti accompanying the song..

thank you CNBLUE for the memorable night.. I will not forget every single of it.. and thank you admins of CNBLUEBEAT for the fan projects that touched the boys' hearts and our hearts too.. please come back again soon.. have a successful career! mwah! hehe

bonus.. fancam of the boys speaking malay: kudos to all the boys.. ^^

credit : newskaki

Minhyuk : Terima kasih.. Di malaysia banyak makanan yang sedap.. *thinking.. satay satay! nasi lemak? saya mahu makan satay.. (thank you..  there are many delicious food in malaysia.. satay satay.. nasi lemak? I want to eat satay)

when yonghwa told us to scream.. he says "Kuat lagi!" (Louder!) heol.. aku menjerit bagai nak rak cam nak tercabut segala gigi, tekak dan lidah.. hahaha

when jungshin and yonghwa asked us how we are feeling.. they asked "Bagaimana kamu rasa?" (How are you feeling?).. too good boys.. too good!

and my precious fancam.. haha.. walaupun tak clear sangat.. tapi ada my beloved mr burning..

haha you can actually hear yonghwa says "Nyanyi sekali!" (sing along!)

the boys even declared their love for Malaysia so many times.. can I take it as their love for me? hahaha.. this is the fancam of Neon Naegae Banhaesseo ( You've Fallen For Me ) where yonghwa changed the lyrics to "I love Malaysia" *jumping2!

and more of my pictures.. sorry it's not HD.. huhu.. I'm just using galaxy ace..

special thanks to Ecah Joon for delivering me my BLISH and my official CNBLUE lightstick in the midst of swarming people.. huhu.. kudos!

and also another special thanks for Tian Chad and Sky Arts Production for allowing me to use the beautiful Boice blue ocean picture for my blog header.. ^^

until next time.. Try Again Smile Again... ~

p/s : we feel good~ bak kata minhyuk

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another dream to come true..


weee.. baru terasa ada kekuatan nak update blog.. wahaha.. kekuatan la sangat cam berat nau je nak menaip pon.. ;P

okla entry yang ni ada kaitan ngan impian2 aku yang tak pulak aku dedahkan sebelum ni kat blog ni.. sekadar simpan di hati buat catalyst untuk meneruskan hidup yang agak dull ini.. hahaha.. (ayat takle nak pasrah lagi ke woii??)

ok here's the things I wish I could do and achieve in this year :
  1. derma darah - accomplished 
  2. lesen motor and kereta - accomplished
  3. aset sendiri (motor & kereta) - accomplished separuh.. hehe
  4. konsert CNBLUE - almost accomplished
  5. sambung belajar - err.. yang ni tak tau bila.. ehehehe
highlight yang no 4 tuh.. hehehe.. 

terasa memang di awang-awangan je bila FNC officially announce CNBLUE add one more stop untuk diorang punye world tour kat Malaysia.. yela bayangkan jela Thailand, Filipina, Singapore diorang singgah.. Malaysia kat tengah2 tak singgah.. oii sakit hati mak jemah tau!

tapi berkat usahasama Malaysian Boice and particularly this Boice named Li Ann yang berhempas pulas wat survey untuk dihantar kat FNC we all berjaya bawak the boys ke sini.. thanks a lot fellow Boices and biggest thanks to Li Ann..

so here's the details of the concert.. CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Live in Malaysia..

  • Organizer : Daol Entertainment
  • Date          : 24th August 2013
  • Time         : 7.30 pm
  • Venue       : Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

bila dapat tau je terus aku kumpul2 duit and survey2 partner nak pegi kan.. yela aku ni kan puteri lindungan bulan.. kuar takle sowang2.. hehehe.. naseb baik duit gaji memang sengaja aku tak habeskan tiap2 bulan.. simpan sikit2.. ehehe.. haa kan da dapat menuai hasilnye.. hehe..

and hasil lingers2 kat page CNBLUEBEAT, aku kenal my new friend and fellow Boice duk dekat ngan area kampung aku.. kire kampung sebelah la.. die pon nak pegi jugak and we promised to go together.. hehehe

ekceli ground sale da lepas da 18/5 hari tu.. aku pon terpaksa turun KL sebab nak collect tix.. halo2 member pastu sesat2 barat.. tobat aku gi KL nek kete.. nek public je pasnie.. owh ye thanks CNBLUEBEAT sebab save my time nak queue.. wawawa.. (tak sanggup woih nak queue berjela kat Fahrenheit 88 tu).. privilege fanclub la katekan.. hehe.. sayang korang.. love love love! everybody clap clap clap!

riang ria seorang fangirl yang serba oren
haaa.. inila my new friend.. cik Maslina name die.. (sama2 minat Mr. Burning ok!.. hehe) ekceli tak sempat nak jumpe sebab aku kat sana pon kejap je.. amik tix amik pic pastu blah.. hahaha.. sengal tak?

muke die cam kawan lama aku la.. hahaha
and this is my tix.. mwehehehehe

tolong jealous boleh? hahahhaha
and this is the seating plan.. wanna guess mine? hahahaha (gelak jahat)

seating plan & price list
hahahahaha.. memang kantoi la ni.. takpela let bygones be bygones.. (tengkorak hang!) diam2 suda.. haha..

and for those who still don't have the tix you can get it from AirAsiaRedTix before 2nd July.. palli2.. they still got tix! or for those who want a special something go visit CNBLUEBEAT's FB or Twitter page.. (pssttt.. it's irresistible ;) )

tak sabar rasenye nak rock the night ngan 4 jejaka yang talented gila neh! let's go Boice! DAJUKJA!!!

okla.. setakat ni jela ye.. haha.. lupe nak cakap.. ade mamat tu jual domino's jual minyak sekali.. hahaha.. siap bagi aku no dia lagi.. aku pon da terasa cam taring2 vampire aku da kuar da ni.. (mangsa.. mangsa) haha.. do not try this ladies.. haha

until next entry.. bersabarla ngan perangai aku yang tak menentu ni ye? haha.. sorry I'm 99% Gemini.. can't help it.. kekekeke.. 

okeh! buh byeeeee!!!

p/s: untungla someone tu kan.. ade hero 
tamil asyik ajak dinner je.. ngahahah 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BELASUNGKAWA sahabatku, adikku..


hari ini.. tanggal 27 Mac 2013.. aku kehilangan seorang lagi sahabat seperjuangan dan sepersatuan yang aku da anggap macam adik aku sendiri.. Afiq Naqiuddin Noordin..

arwah pergi menyahut seruan Illahi tepat jam 1.07 petang selepas koma hampir 7 hari akibat kemalangan..

arwah juga adalah junior aku masa aku kat Arau dulu..

last time I saw him was when we were at Stadium Cheras for Malam Pendekar Himpunan Pesilat Kebangsaan.. that was a year ago.. ralat rasanya tak dapat jumpa dia buat kali terakhir..

he was such a sweet boy.. I remember how he loved to tease me and he is the only junior that call me by my name not 'kakak' like any other junior..

yang paling aku ingat.. dialah yang bagi gelaran "Gadis Bercapal Putih" kat aku sebab aku selalu pakai capal even time tu aku tak pakai uniform silat pon..

a good kid that was very cheerful and smile a lot.. I don't have even a single bad memory of him..

a friend and a brother that will always hold a dear place in my heart..

semoga rohmu dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan Allah di tempat yang mulia adikku.. kakak cuma dapat hadiahkan doa dan Al-Fatihah untuk kau.. tenanglah dan bahagialah di sana di sisi Penciptamu.. kami sahabat2mu sentiasa akan mengenangmu dan mendoakanmu..

Ya Allah.. tempatkanlah adikku juga sahabatku ini di jannah-Mu ya Allah.. tabahkanlah hati keluarganya dan juga hati kami sahabatnya dalam meredhakan pemergiannya ke sisi-Mu.. ampunkanlah dosanya.. amin ya rabbalalamin...

our last pic together
the last photo.. it was never meant to be this crowded.. but I'm glad that they bombarded this photo.. with Afiq too.. thank you for being in this photo.. dan terima kasih kerana pernah hadir dalam sejarah hidup kami.. Thank you Allah for lending me this sweet boy even for a while..

selamat tinggal sahabatku, adikku..


p/s : dari Allah kita datang dan kepada
Allah kita kembali..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taking care of skincare


tetiba nak wat entry gegurl2 ni.. lawak plak rasenye.. (nampak tak betapa kurang kewanitaan tu?) hahaha.. takdela.. ekceli semakin tua nie.. (sob3) semakin concious about penampilan kan.. maklumla sebelom kulit berkedut2 ala2 nenek kebayan baik jaga dari sekarang ye tak?

sebenarnye ni la 1st time aku bersungguh2 berskin care bagai.. abes da dok hari2 merungut betapa kusam dan kasarnye wajah ditambah pula pimple2 manja yang memeriahkan lagi suasana.. hahaha.. then officemate pon cadangkan pegi cari skincare product pas keje.. hehehe..

rata2 ofismet (pemalas betol nak mengeja pon) terkejut pabila mengetahui diriku tak menggunakan apa2 produk penjagaan wajah (hamek kau skema).. bukan ape kulit mak jah ni sensitif sikit.. konon dulu penah try la safi la, oxy la ikut member kan.. eleh penyudahnye pimple makin bermaharajalela je.. untung yg kecik2.. keluar yg besau2.. mau aku hentak je cermin tu.. (tula marahkan jerawat cermin dimusnahkan)

tambah pulak mak jah ni gatal tangan pantas je nak korek muka kan.. mendapat la tompok2 gelap pulak.. haishh.. dan kerana mendengar nasihat2 mereka2 yang lebih berkewanitaan ni aku turutkan jugak mencari produk yang sesuai ngan muka aku.. (yang tak banyak chemical la kot)

budaknye cadangkan BIO-ESSENCE sebab katenye chemicalnya takdela banyak sangat compare ngan produk lain.. (pakcik die keje kilang yang supply chemical kat bio-essence tu tau tu) so gagah la pegi Watsons beli kan..

sampai sana salesgirl cadangkan aku amik yang TANAKA WHITE punye.. ni dia.. 

dari kiri cleansing foam, softener, serum and facial mist
ekceli time aku beli aku beli foam ngan softener je dulu.. tu pon takut2 je kan sebab saiz besar kang nanti tak sesuai da membazir plak.. harganya bagi aku medium la.. tak mahal sangat tapi tak jugak murah.. disebabkan Watsons rajin bagi offer kan naseb baek harga dia turun la.. beli satu2 da offer.. beli yang siap 1 pek foam ngan softener lagi murah.. baik amik yang combo.. hahaha.. rasa ok pakai baru beli lagi 2 tu.. serum ngan mist.. haha.. serum tu agak mahal la kan bagi aku bagi korang tak tau la.. mist tu plak feveret.. haha.. pengaruh sangat korea main sembur2 muka kan.. pastu confident je tak tepek pape kuar rumah.. haha konon fresh la muka ni.. haha

so far.. aku terasa kulit aku makin lembut.. mwehehehe.. suke2.. kalau dulu akula paling menyampah nak sentuh muka sendiri sekarang ecewahh..  ku belai2 dengan penuh kasih sayang.. wahahahah!

ade beza tak? hahaha (mata juling & parut epik di batang hidung gagal dicover!)
ecewahh luminous la sangat muka kan? hahaha.. tu tempek terus amik gambar.. tang putih dan cerah tu ermm.. rasa belom nampak lagi kan.. baru seminggu je pakai pon .. tapi ekceli aku tak kesah sangat bab2 nak cerah bagai ni.. orang jawa takyah cerah2 pon takpe.. hahaha.. tapi tujuan utama aku adalah nak cari produk yang sesuai ngan kulit muka aku yang banyak songeh nie.. hahaha.. so far aku puas hatila kan.. kulit lembut tak kering cam time aku pakai yang lain dulu and yang penting takdela pimple yang wat aku gatal tangan nak korek.. huhu

so.. cream je tak beli lagi sebab takut oily sangat.. maklumla mak jah ni memang berminyak sikit muka.. tunggu hormon balance baru beli.. kakakakakaka..

ok la.. sebenarnye banyak lagi benda nak story mory ni.. tapi next entry jela.. haha.. nafsu nak tido da membuak2 da nie..

ok selamat malam~ (dalam melodi lagu Faizal Tahir..ok I like him) 

p/s : soalan cepu besi karat makin
kerap kedengaran.. oh tidak!

Friday, February 1, 2013

CNBLUE 4th Mini Album Re:BLUE arrived!

Assalamualaikum.. :)

yeah!! happy sangat hari ni. well tengok post title pon rasa da bole tau kan? ahak ahak! officially hari ni aku da terima aku punye album.. Re:BLUE!

ye memang aku makin chubby ade masalah?
well actually patot dapat hari selasa aritu tapi memandangkan time posmen datang aku kat umah nenek so si posmen tu pegi letak kat post ofis je.. hai.. tak pasal2 abang aku jadi mangsa keadaan tolong amikkan.. ngahahaha..

oh ye.. thanks Valoa Records.. hahaha.. regular customer aku ni.. da 5 kali beli kat sini.. (syyhhh.. ni pon nga tunggu order untuk Re:BLUE limited edition punye.. hehehe)

so sila jeles dengan gambar2 saya.. hahahhaha!

sturdy box and tube with bubble wrap inside 
silau sungguh flash itu.. ngeee
the inside.. nak aku flip page satu2 ke? tak perlu kot..
encem.. aigoo minhyuk ah sorry your face.. hehe

sekali supplier bagi free gift daa.. awww lucky! my burning guitarist.. my bias.. nae namja (perasan!).. Lee Jonghyun.. :)

nae sarang-ah~
sila jeles! ahahahahha
well I personally love this album sebab this is the 1st time CNBLUE used the self-composed song as the title track and ekceli semua lagu ni diorang yang compose sendiri.. talented indeed..  memang best sangat.. teruja gila! aku suka semua lagu dalam album nie..

tapi lagi teruja sebab comeback diorang ALL-LIVE ok! nampak sangat passionate di situ jejaka2 kesayangan ramai ni bila dapat cucuk wayar kat diorang punye instruments.. hehehe.. yela selama ni wat performance asek kena hand-sync je kan mane best.. sekali dapat wayar nah amek kau! headbanging aku!

well ekceli aku suka sangat comeback stage inkigayo tapi oleh kerana sbs telah pon memblock video itu kerana hakcipta jadi takle la kan nak play.. share bole la ni tapi dapat tengok je thumbnail je.. huhu

lucky aku jumpa gak site yang share video ni.. bole download.. hehehehe.. time kaseh ye? klik sini

okla since mata pon da ngantok kan ni tambah2 plak kena keja full day besok.. (aishh...) so jumpe lagi next time ok? stay tuned.. hahahahaha

p/s: sedang mengumpul duet untuk projek 
mega.. hahahaha.. aza aza fighting!!!!!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bila vampire datang menggoda..


masya-Allah.. berape lame da tak update? isk2.. unta pon takde malas camni.. haha.. well tadi pegi SCM ngan bakal lawyer kita cik bal and bakal professional make-up artist cik awien.. saje la long time no see kan.. last2 cik lawyer balik dulu.. lom panas pon kaki ni mengukur mall.. tskk

then kebetulan sangat ade event blood donation.. pe lagi cik bal kemain la menggigil2 nak menderma.. aku pulak ekceli tak letak harapan because.. well you know.. 50 kali aku pergi 50 kali gak haemoglobin tak cukup.. ceiitt! sekali cik bal takle derma sebab lom cukup 3 bulan aku pulak pass.. wehheee!

ni berkat makan cukup2 la kat rumah ni kan.. dulu kat peghelis makan tak cukup zat besi! hahaha..  well some pictures please..

muka pasrah! hahaha
time kasih nurse.. hehe.. nak tetido lak muka aku
kesian lak kat nurse sebab vein aku susah dicari.. orang selalu cucuk tengah kan? aku cucuk tepi baru darah keluar.. haha.. pastu kesian kat aku la kan sebab kena cucuk sampai 2 kali.. ngahaha!

edward cullen gigit! eh? hahaha
nampak die da bruising sikit.. biasela kalau salah cucuk kan.. overall.. interesting experience.. alhamdu lillah.. tercapai gak impian yang satu nie.. next impian nak kena tunaikan swatch ngan konsert.. harharhar.. owh ye.. my bloodtype is O+.. want some? hahaha

owh lupa nak kenalkan.. ni sweetheart aku.. Mr Greeney

lalala baru pas mandi.. hehe
next-next post kite cite pasal awak eh sayang? hahaha.. okla.. sebelom aku mengarut lebih2 baik aku stop.. ahaha.. malam ni sume tengok AJL.. aku tiba2 xde mood lak nak tengok padahal dulu tiap2 tahun tunggu.. haha

our favourite bloodsucker.. haha
gambar bonus to make up for the misleading title.. hahaha :P

p/s : turning 23 this year..  already
 this old? aigooo.. hahahahah


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